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About Us

About 2 Sisters Podcast

Insight. Community. Growth
No Judgment. Just Enlightenment.

The 2 Sisters Podcast is a weekly AUDIO PODCAST and
VIDEO SHOW for women who wish to redefine their life.

Hosted by sisters Melissa and Kristy, they are all about helping other
individuals discover the power within and do the inner work needed to
improve and move forward. Each week these women talk about any topic under
the sun, be it politics, relationships, or health and provide an avenue where they can talk about practically anything without feeling judged. They bring real topics to the limelight with a touch
of fun and humor.

Sharing their own experiences, Melissa and Kristy are all about helping and inspiring others to break free from the negative mindsets that have been holding them back and finally find the strength to live the life they have always wanted.

All in all, Melissa and Kristy are two different women, who have traveled two very different paths, but have managed to find something we all dream of — True Freedom. With their podcast, these women
give you the skills you need to self-reflect and figure out the pitfalls you have in your life and how to overcome them.


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