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2 Sisters Membership

Get Better at Loving You

Let’s be real. Life can get messy. Between work and family, so many of us forget to care for ourselves, reflect on our pasts, and plan for better futures. Sometimes, all we need is an extra push. Some extra guidance. Even a few extra reminders that we are divinely blessed and favored! As 2 Sisters who’ve been through it all and seen it all, we felt called to change the narrative women of faith are telling themselves about their lives. You are good enough for
self-care days. You are deserving of a better work-life balance. You are capable of healthy communication.

To help, we’ve started a NEW monthly membership program. In it, you’ll find resources to support your journey of loving yourself the way Jesus loves you.


With this membership, you’ll get VIP access to:


Exclusive Podcast Episodes


Bonus Videos


Monthly Q&As


20% Off Self-Love Coaching Sessions with Kristy and Melissa


Early Access
to Episodes

Meet the 2 Sisters in Your Corner

We’re Melissa and Kristy.

We unapologetically empower women to live happier lives by giving practical tips on our podcast and in coaching sessions. Because we’re coaches, you’ll find us chatting about how to improve everything under the sun, from family relationships
to politics.

Why do we do this together? Because 2 self-love coaches are better than one.

Become a Member Today!

  • 2 Sisters Membership

    Every month

The cost of the program? Just $9 per month. 
By becoming a member, you will gain a network
of support and resources for the cost of two specialty cups of coffee.

The cost of growing in self-love, unveiling your pitfalls, and mending broken relationships?
That’s priceless.

Sign up for membership today to get exclusive access to ALL the above for
ONLY $9 per month, for the lifetime of
your membership. Ready to get started?

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