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You are the only limit to living the life you want. Your thoughts, actions, and choices all come into play in designing the life you love. Our dual coaching services provide you with the skills you need to work on yourself, shift your mindset, and create better habits that will help you build the life of your dreams. We focus on
self-love, mindset, and relational communication to help provide lasting change.

Meet Your Coaches

Kristy Magazine

I became a life coach with one purpose, to help women unlock their full potential through confidence and
self-love. I believe helping someone find their way back to happiness is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give anyone. This is why I was absolutely ecstatic when I finally became a Certified Life Coach through the Tony Gaskins Certification Program. The fact that I
can have such a big impact on another person’s life is very rewarding. I have faith that we can help you achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Melissa Magazine

For a huge chunk of my early life, I lived for other people. I was so hyper-focused on helping
other people achieve their dreams and goals, I forgot about my own. When I took some time to self-reflect on my life, I realized I had drained most of my creative energy helping others achieve their hopes and dreams without even taking a minute to ask myself if that was what I really wanted. This realization made me wonder if other women were going through the same thing I
was — living their lives pleasing others, not themselves. Just like I found a new life purpose, I was determined to help women redefine their reality. Through the years, I have helped several women accomplish their goals, passions, and dreams.

Book Your Dual Coaching Session With Melissa and Kristy Today

We are focused on implementing self-awareness and self-love in women. Our mission is to help the women we
coach make better decisions and develop coping techniques to handle all the ups and downs that naturally appear
in normal life. 
If you’d like to inquire about one-on-one coaching, visit

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